So saturated are our homes by the news and spread of COVID 19 that we need a circuit breaker – I believe one of the best circuit breakers is singing, especially group singing. Take a look at a few of the examples below & you will see how singing helped to sustain people through rough waters:

An awful day of continuous rain, centre court Wimbledon,

3rd July 1996.

Singing in a crisis

Sir Cliff Richard entertained the crowd & they joined him for no less than 6 songs for a total of 20 minutes. The crowd joined in with songs such as: Summer Holiday, All Shook Up, Living Doll, “Singing’ in the Rain & Congratulations. The group singing totally transformed the wet & miserable atmosphere into an event sports fans still remember today.

Nights Underground in Darkest London:

The Blitz, 1940-41.

Even in the middle of WW2 the general public saw fit to elevate their spirits with group singing in the Underground while sheltering from bombing raids. If this wasn’t enough people were inspired by songs such as “We’ll Meet Again” and “There’ll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover” by Vera Lynn. Her iconic songs brought people together in a time of trial.

The Old Testament: David in Saul’s Service

Singing in a crisis

The old book is replete with how music and singing not only brought a sense of unity, joy and belonging but also calm and peace. The book of 1 Samuel 16:14-23 tells the story of how an evil spirit tormented Saul. His servants searched for someone who could play the harp to help him feel better. David came to assist Saul as an armour-bearer and musician. Whenever Saul felt tormented, David would play his harp and relief would come to Saul and subsequently the affliction would leave him.

So, what am I trying to say here? No, music and singing will not remove COVID 19 from the earth, but singing will elevate your spirit and have an energizing effect on the people around you. It can help us to deal with obsessive anxious thoughts. So, let’s learn from some of these examples and raise our voice in song, lifting our mind & spirits.

Stay well.